• Home Office
  • Mail
  • Filing System
  • Craft or Hobby Space
  • Pictures
  • Time Management
  • Moving / Relocating

Whether it's a big or small project, Easy Peasy can help. 

  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms (Adult and Kids) 
  • Living Room or Family Room
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage or Shed
  • Storage Area

We can help you tackle the areas that are causing the most trouble in your life. 

Whether your home office and filing system needs attention, or your basement has become overgrown with "stuff," we will implement a plan that gets you organized and helps you stay organized.

Easy Peasy can help you organize and manage the following areas:

  • Introductory Phone Assessment:  FREE 30 minutes
  • In-Person Assessment: $40 for up to 90 minutes
  • Hands-On Organizing: Easy Peasy Package discount based on number of rooms and level of assistance required.  (If you prefer to pay by the hour or are looking for consultation services only, the rate is $50 per hour.) 

Part of the Easy Peasy Process is transparent pricing. 

We want you to know up-front exactly what the project will cost you. 

After the initial phone and in-person assessment, we will evaluate your situation and

propose the best solution for you, including the "Easy Peasy Package" discounted rate. 

You'll know exactly what the organizing project will cost up-front.  And we think that's Easy Peasy! 

Easy Peasy Pricing