Easy Peasy helps you get & stay organized.

See everything in your pantry:

Tiered Shelves

This simple solution will save you both time (when you're hunting down that can of diced tomatoes) and money (you don't buy ten cans of the same product anymore - you can see them all now!).  These tiered shelves can be found in most box stores and home goods stores. 

Getting Organized With The Dollar Store !

One of the barriers to organization can be the anticipated costliness.  But don't let that get in your way!

A bathroom closet was redone utilizing containers purchased at a Dollar Store.  A total revamp can be done on a very small budget.  Time to get creative!

Use SmartBags Creatively:

Create A Guest Linens "Pack"

Does your everyday hectic life make it nearly impossible to prepare when you have guests coming?  Try using a SmartBag or Space Bag to package up everything you need for their arrival well in advance (pillows, sheets, towels) - without compromising on space!  You suck all the air out with a vacuum, minimizing the space this takes up in your linen closet.  And - for easy finding when the time comes - I store it right next to the air mattress.  Easy Peasy!